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The popularity of Black History Month is no secret, but the fact that there is a new term to describe it has sparked outrage.

It is “attractive blacks” and it is also “black women” or “black men”, according to a tweet by comedian and broadcaster Jimmy Carr.

The hashtag has been used more than 6,000 times, and many have been used to describe Black men, such as comedian and Black Lives Matter activist Adam Curtis and singer/songwriter Kala Brown.

The term has also been used on the internet to describe people of colour, including comedian Tavi Gevinson and Black people who have been criticised for their behaviour.

Comedian and activist Adam Carr tweeted about #BlackHistoryMonth.

“Black History month.

The black community is celebrating its accomplishments and accomplishments of the past year.

Black women and black men are embracing the past and embracing their blackness,” he said.

It has also prompted a backlash from the internet, with many saying the term is offensive.

Twitter user James Condon wrote: “How could you call black people ‘attractive’, ‘black’, and ‘black men’ when they are still black?”

Comedian Tavi and rapper Killer Mike also used the hashtag.

“So what the hell are you trying to say when you’re calling people black?”

Killer Mike said on Twitter.

“If it’s OK with you, call people black.”

The hashtag was also used by comedian/actor Jimmy Fallon to mock Black Lives Matters activists.

The hashtag has also also been seen by Black people and Black women as a way to “unpack” the “blatant racism” of the “blackness” that many Black men are accused of.

“If we’re talking about blackness and black women, the word ‘black’ is a term for a lot of different things,” writer and performer Tanya Tucker said.

“What we have here is a whole new word for blackness.”

A number of Black women also used #Blackhistorymonth, using the hashtag to share stories of their experiences of racism, abuse and discrimination.

Comedienne, writer and activist LaToya Ferguson tweeted: “I’ve been assaulted and robbed.

I’ve been called names, people called me names, and I’ve experienced my Blackness at its most literal, visceral level.

Black history month is about my experiences of being called a Black woman.

“It is also insulting and racist, which is why it has been trending for days on end.” “

It is offensive, as black people know it is,” writer Kaitlyn DiGiovanni wrote.

“It is also insulting and racist, which is why it has been trending for days on end.”

Black Lives activist Kala is a prominent figure in the Black Lives Movement and was among the first celebrities to call out white people’s “hate” for the Black community.

“Every Black person is a person, no matter how they look, who has lived through racism, who struggles with poverty, who is an immigrant, who knows that racism is not just an issue for the African-American community, but for every American,” she said.


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