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Attractive male models are not the only thing to attract women, as you’ll soon see.

According to research by marketing consultancy Brandx, men are also drawn to attractive female bodies, and while the attraction is more prevalent for men than women, it is not limited to men.

Read more about the psychology of attractiveness.

This is not the first time that we’ve been inundated with images of attractive women, but the latest research suggests it’s because men, too, want to be noticed by the woman they’re with. 

“We’re seeing a new phenomenon in the dating world.

Men are looking for women who are attractive, they want to have sex with them, they like the look of them,” explained Brandx’s Head of Research, Tom Dutson. 

It’s a trend that’s happening in a number of different ways. 

The first is through fashion. 

We’re all familiar with the trend for men to wear shirts that say, ‘I love you,’ but we’re seeing it play out in different ways too.

For example, in recent years, men have started to adopt a style of tailoring that says ‘I like you,’ with shirts that indicate their desire to be kissed or touch them. 

According to Dutsen, men’s desire for attention is actually more intense when their attention is focused on someone else, so they’re more likely to get attention from women. 

A second trend is through advertising. 

Research by Marketing Management Magazine found that men’s interest in attractive female body types is higher than women’s interest, so men may see women as more appealing when they’re seen wearing a particular type of clothing or wearing an accessory. 

So, while it’s not just about how much attention you get from your girlfriend, it’s also about whether or not she’s wearing the right outfit, according to Duttson.

And then there’s the marketing side of things. 

When men are looking to date attractive women they’re looking for a woman who’s willing to accept their advances, he said. 

If they’re dating a woman, they’re likely to be more willing to take on a relationship if she’s willing. 

In addition to advertising, women may be seeking to get men to get involved with their business, such as a partner or employee, Dutton explained. 

And if they’re interested in working together, they might try to establish a business relationship, or be more active in their community. 

Finally, in the workplace, men and men have different attitudes about how attractive women are, he added. 

Women are generally more interested in men who are physically attractive, but in some cases, men may even choose to pursue an attractive female in order to get what they want in the office. 

What does this mean for us?

According to Dutson, the more attractive you are, the less likely you are to have a relationship.

This could be because you might be attracted to attractive women who you feel you have a good relationship with, but you also may be attracted towards someone who doesn’t fit into that model, he explained.

“We’re actually seeing this in the US, where women are becoming more interested and accepting of men who aren’t idealised. 

This is because they’re seeing these people as the future of their business and their career.

They want to meet them and develop a good working relationship, so when you look at the potential of someone who is not idealised, they may not be as attractive to you.” 

The research is published in Marketing Science, but there’s more. 

Dutson believes that the popularity of attractive female model photos could be a big part of the reason for this trend. 

As the popularity continues to grow, the number of models has increased, he told Business Insider. 

To make matters worse, some models are actually being paid less than their male counterparts. 

However, it could be that women’s body image is a barrier to success, so it’s important for women to work on their own to achieve the same body image as their partners, Duttsen added.

And the beauty of modelling is that you’re not just an attractive woman, but an attractive human being, he says. 

There’s more to this trend than just beauty, but if you want to stay up-to-date on trends, check out our latest fashion tips. 

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