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Hollywood studios are expensive.

In fact, if you’re looking for a new set of legs, a new movie, or a new car, it’s probably best to head to the most exclusive of the lot.

Here are the top five, as compiled by The American Conservatives.

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The most expensive entertainment property in the countryThe $1.6 trillion theater industry is a $3 trillion industry in the United States.

The average theater seat is $1,100.

According to The American Council on Education, the industry has an annual economic impact of more than $15 billion, while adding $7 billion to the national economy.

But, the vast majority of theaters are located in the suburbs, making it difficult for students to find an affordable, good-quality entertainment experience.

According, one survey of theater workers found that 80 percent said that they were unhappy with their current jobs, while 76 percent said they were not interested in becoming a theater worker in the future.

So, if the entertainment industry is such a great way to spend your vacation, why is it so expensive?

In addition to the costs, the average theater ticket costs $1 million, which makes it more expensive than other popular tourist attractions.

A typical ticket for a movie or theater in the Hollywood area will set you back $80,000.

But the average ticket for the Los Angeles International Airport, where theaters are situated, is $3,500.

That makes the average Hollywood theater ticket more than six times as expensive as the average LAX ticket.

The top five entertainment complexesThe most luxurious entertainment complexes are located along the Pacific Coast Highway, which spans between San Diego and Los Angeles.

According the American Council of Film Critics, the four largest complexes in the Los Angeles area are the Empire Polo Club at the San Fernando Valley’s El Segundo section, the MGM Grand at Hollywood Blvd.

and the Paramount Theater at the Beverly Hills section.

The five most luxurious Hollywood complexes are:The Empire Polo, which is a five-star hotel and casino in Culver City, is owned by Chinese-American billionaire Wang Jianlin.

According a 2012 Forbes article, Wang has made $8.3 billion from his investments in luxury hotels.

The Empire Polo’s suites are all in the top 1 percent of the luxury hotel market, and the entire complex is the priciest in the nation.

The Millennium Palms, located at Universal Studios in Hollywood, is a 5,000-room resort.

It has three pools, a tennis court, a sauna, spa, weight room, weight rooms, fitness center, and private cabanas.

It is one of the largest resorts in the world.

The Hollywood Bowl is a six-story, 18,000 square-foot building at the corner of Sunset and Hollywood boulevards, located in Culvert City.

It houses the Beverly Center for the Performing Arts, which offers entertainment, concerts, comedy, and a children’s theater.

The Bowl is the only Hollywood property with a parking garage.

The area is known for its nightclubs and other popular entertainment venues.

The luxury entertainment complex includes a movie theater, a club and a large swimming pool.

It is a short drive from Los Angeles to the Hollywood Hills, which features several of the country’s top Hollywood properties, including the Beverly Hilton Hotel and the Hollywood Casino.

The Beverly Hills is the most luxurious residential neighborhood in the region, and is the place to go for everything from wedding receptions to corporate retreats.

According The Los Angeles Times, the area has been named one of America’s Most Beautiful Cities.

The Beverly Hilton, which has been the largest hotel in Los Angeles since 2006, is also the most sought after for entertainment.

In 2016, The New York Times ranked the Beverly Hyatt Beverly Hills as the second most sought-after property in Los Angles.

The Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is the biggest hotel in the Las Vegas area.

Its suites feature two swimming pools, indoor and outdoor gyms, a spa, and two-bedroom apartments.

The resort is also known for hosting the Super Bowl and the Grammy Awards.

The Golden Nugget in Carson City, Nevada, is the tallest building in the state of Nevada.

Located in Carson, it is the fourth-tallest building in Nevada.

It was built in 1928 and was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Golden Nuggems pool is located in front of the resort.

The entire building is about 50,000 feet above sea level, making the water feel refreshing.

The building is also home to the world’s largest fireworks display, known as the Las Vegans.

The complex is famous for its annual World’s Fair, which takes place every year in Las Vegians World.

The most expensive movie theater in


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