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The Disney Parks Blog has a nice article about a new attraction at Walt Disney World called The Beautiful Dad Bod.

It will be the theme park’s third attraction dedicated to the father bod.

The theme park has featured the father bods in past attractions like Haunted Mansion and the Haunted Mansion Attractions.

The father bod is a large wooden structure that can hold up to 20 people, but has been redesigned for this attraction.

It is located in the Haunted house.

There are also a couple of different versions of the father.

One version has a wooden box that holds up to 15 people, and another version has 20 people in it.

Here’s what you need to know about the attraction.

The Father Bod is not a traditional attraction, and it will not be a “traditional” attraction.

There is no walk-through experience or interactive experience to help you get inside.

Instead, guests will be able to walk through a small hallway to the top of the attraction where they can climb up to a platform where they will be presented with a menu of sorts.

Guests will be given a choice of two different choices of foods to choose from, which will change each time they come back.

The dad bod is one of those choices, and we are told it will be a different flavor than what we have seen before.

The Dad Bod will be open to guests in 2018.

What’s more, it will have a different experience than the original father bod attraction.

You can expect to be treated like guests in the haunted house rather than just guests who have a family member.

Guests can choose to sit in a small lounge with some of the other guests, and there will be some activity to distract them from the reality of their surroundings.

We don’t know what the other flavor of the dad bod will be, but there is no telling at this time.

There will also be a mini-golf course for guests to play in, and you will be provided with a personalized towel for your arrival.

What to expect When you arrive at the dad bod, you will notice there are some new decorations around it.

There were two previous versions of these dad bod attractions, and they were very different.

The first version was in Disneyland Paris in 2008 and was the father’s birthday.

The second version was more like a wedding.

Guests could choose to spend the entire day there.

Guests would go inside and take a look at the decor and decorate the house.

The decor in this version is a little more simple, but we expect that the decor will be very different for this version.

The new dad bod attraction will be located in Haunted Mansion at Disney California Adventure.

It was opened in 2015 and was a very popular attraction.

They had a lot of fun making it a little bit different, and guests were thrilled to be able sit and enjoy the attraction again.

Guests had a blast with the new dad bods, and the experience was very fun.

This is one attraction we are looking forward to seeing again in 2018 and 2019.


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