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Pokemon fans often get asked about their favourite pokemon, and if they love them, what makes them so special?

We asked the people who make the games and the people involved in the anime, as well as those who have been to conventions, to tell us more.

We’ve also compiled a list of the top 10 most-watched Pokemon anime videos on YouTube.

And here are the top 20 most-viewed Pokemon videos on Twitch.

The Pokemon series is the brainchild of Satoshi Tajiri, creator of Pokémon, and his brothers Satoshi and Keiji.

The company’s first two releases were in 1995 and 1997, and its biggest releases to date have been The Adventure of Link (1996) and Pokemon: Black and White (2001).

The series also had a big influence on the Pokemon games as a whole.

In the anime franchise, each Pokemon is an animated character, and there are three main series: Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

They each have their own unique attributes and personalities, and they share their Pokédex with the player.

The games themselves are based on the games from the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG), which was released in 1987.

Pokemon fans will be familiar with the Pokemon series from its games.

They have a love for all three of them, as they are the series that inspired the franchise, and are the main protagonists.

The Pokemon franchise is very popular in Japan, with more than 8 million copies of Pokemon being sold.

The series has spawned several spin-offs, such as Pokemon Blue and Pokémon Red, as the franchise expanded worldwide in the 1990s.

The Pokémon series is one of the most popular in the world, with over 2 billion copies of the games in circulation, making it one of Japan’s biggest brands.

The franchise has been in production since 1987, with the series currently in development.

Pokémon has had a lot of success in other media as well.

Pokémon was a popular TV show in the UK for many years, and the Pokémon franchise has become a staple of children’s TV shows.

In Japan, the Pokémon series has also been a big hit on television.

It has spawned a huge anime franchise called Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon, and it has also inspired the popular series Pokémon: Super Mystery Ticket.

While the series has grown in popularity, the most recent entries have not been as popular as the earlier ones.

The last two games, Pokémon X and Y, have not made the Top 100 on the Oricon chart.

We wanted to find out what it was like to be a Pokemon fan in 2017, and so we did a deep dive into what it means to be passionate about a franchise, the Pokemon franchise, as a kid, and to be part of a fan community.

The following questions were asked of our respondents, and we had many fascinating responses.

The following are the most-watchable Pokemon videos, in order:1.

“The Pokemon Show”The Pokémon Show is a popular anime series from the 90s that has been produced by Kadokawa since 1999.

It was originally broadcast on the KBS network and has since been shown on the PlayStation, Nintendo DS, and many other video game consoles.

The show was developed by Kadobahn, the same company that created the Pokemon Trading Card game.

Kadokamers team, which includes Akira Nishizumi, Hiroshi Sakuragi, and Junichi Tsurumaki, developed the show as a series.2.

“Pokemon: Black”The Pokemon Black anime was one of Kadokahas first major successes.

The show premiered on Fuji TV in 2009, and was later released on Blu-ray and DVD in 2010.

The anime was a hit in Japan and was shown on Japanese television throughout the year.3.

“Pokémon: White”The last two seasons of the Pokemon: White anime aired in the United States and Canada in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

Both seasons were the first season to air in HD, and both of the seasons were critically acclaimed.4.

“Kanto’s Pokemon”This is the last anime series in the series to air on Japanese TV.

It aired on FujiTV from 2017 to 2019.

It is based on a series of manga, and in the story, Kadokagurs team, including Akira Nishizo, Hiroshiyoshi Tsurumi, and Kazuhiko Miyoshi, created the series.

The story is set in Kanto, where the protagonist, a Pokemon, travels to explore the region, meet its residents, and befriend them.

The entire anime is a collaboration between Kadokan, the creators of the series, and FujiTV, who acquired the rights for the show from Kadokann.


“Eternal Pokémon”This was the first Pokemon anime that aired in North America.

It starred Natsuki and Koga, two former Pokemon trainers who, in the show, become friends and partners after their training together.

Natsuki, the main character, is


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