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Disney has officially opened its brand new parks in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, bringing with it a slew of new attractions and attractions that are set to make the park’s first wave of new additions a lot more magical.

Here are the best and worst things to do in the parks: Park-opening eventsDisney is hosting its annual opening event, the World of Color, and it kicks off at 7 p.m. today, July 29.

The event is the biggest celebration of the park in years, and you’ll get to see the new parks opening day fireworks display, a new Mickey Mouse House ride, the newest park-opening restaurant and a brand new live music venue.

Here are the highlights of what you can expect to see in the park:Magic Kingdom: Opening Day: The Magic Kingdom is now officially opening, and all of its attractions will be available to guests starting July 9.

The new ride is the Tomorrowland Firehouse, which has a new, “mixed-media” ride called the Firehouse Animal Kingdom.

Tomorrowland’s other attraction, Tomorrowland Adventure, is a full-scale version of Tomorrowland that features a firework show, and a few rides have also been added to the ride.

The Tomorrowland ride is also set to open later this year.

New Fantasyland: There will be new rides and attractions, including the newest version of the Jungle Cruise attraction.

The Jungle Cruise is a giant water ride that takes you around a giant Jungle filled with dinosaurs.

The ride is set to be in operation for three years.

New Fantasyland will be open from July 18 to August 19.

Other attractions are expected to open at the end of August, including an upgraded version of The Laughing Skull attraction.

It will feature a new ride called The Laugh-In, which will be a fully immersive ride that will allow guests to perform live.

New rides and more details on the new rides will be announced at a later date.

New York City attractions: The Empire State Building is now open for guests, but the new Empire Hall will be closed on July 1.

There are also some changes planned for the New York Harbor, including a new attraction, New York City Pier.

New York State Beach is also opening, but only for guests on July 31.

There will also be an additional, $2.99 per person fee for children’s admission.

Other parks: Disney California, which opened its first park in Florida on July 6, will be opening in Disneyland’s second wave of expansion.

New Orleans is now back in the theme park after it was moved to its new park in 2019.

New Jersey will soon have its first new ride at Magic Kingdom Park, a roller coaster called Little Mermaid.

New Orleans’ other new park, The Orleans Square, is set for its first ever rides.

The new park will be themed around the theme of New Orleans, and the attraction will include a boat ride, a river boat ride and a fireworks display.

New England: The Boston skyline will now be visible from the park, and The Great Hall of Science and Industry will open to the public.

New England will also become the first state park in the country to offer free rides and rides to children.

New Jersey: New Jersey’s newest park, Jersey City, is slated to open in 2020.

It features a “museum” ride and will feature new attractions like a “New York-themed” ride, and more than 50 new attractions are set for the park.

New Mexico: The new state park, Mactan, will open in 2019 and is the first to open to guests on an open-air basis.

The park will also include a “fantasy” ride.

New South Wales: New South Wales has now opened its two new parks.

The Mascot Mine and the Reef Ride will be added to its park, while the Reef will be expanded to include a new water coaster.

It’s the first park to feature a “fish” attraction, and is set in the Great Barrier Reef.

South Carolina: South Carolina’s newest parks will open this summer.

The Park of the Month, The Ocean’s Edge, will feature an underwater adventure ride, while The Ocean Life Museum will be revamped.

New South Carolina is set up to be one of the first parks to feature underwater rides.

Arizona: Arizona’s newest and most expansive park, Phoenix Sky Harbor, will welcome guests with a new aquatic theme.

The Arizona Aquarium is set-up to offer the largest collection of marine life in the world.

New marine attractions will also open in the Aquarium.

Hawaii: Hawaii’s newest attraction, Maui’s Ocean Life, will expand to a new boat park.

New water attractions and a new “marine adventure” ride will be introduced to the park as well.

The opening of Disney California’s two new California parks will begin on August 9.

New additions include the newly opened Magic Kingdom


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