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By Amy M. ShafferOctober 28, 2018| 11:07amIt’s the epitome of the Wisconsin spirit.

It’s the only place where people flock to take advantage of the many parks, lakes, and mountains that surround the state’s capital.

It is also a place where tourists are allowed to hang out in the open and relax.

And then there is Wisconsin Attractions.

It is a great place to explore.

In fact, it is one of the best places to see all of the sights and activities in the state, and it’s where you can get a good view of Lake Superior.

But if you’ve never been to Wisconsin, or you want to make a trip down memory lane and check out some of the amazing attractions, here are a few things you need to know about the state.1.

It has a great sense of humor and a great body of waterThe state is known for its natural beauty, but it has its share of unique attractions.

Here are a handful of places you should definitely check out.

Lake Superior State Park and the Wisconsin State Park have both recently reopened after a two-year hiatus.

The latter was closed in the summer of 2018, and the former closed in December of 2018.

It was closed for the winter because of snow and ice, and was reopened on Jan. 31.

The park is the only state park with a “natural” theme.

This means that there are no trees, no plants, and no wildlife.

There are no boats, but there are a couple of boat launches, which is perfect for a family outing.

Also, the park has two lakes and a river that can be used for canoeing.

It can also be a great spot to check out the state forests.

The Great Wisconsin River Trail is the longest hiking trail in the U.S. and is located on the shores of Lake Michigan.

It takes you through a wide variety of scenic locations and is accessible to hikers of all ages.2.

You can hike, ski, and bike in the winterThe winters in Wisconsin are harsh.

However, if you want something different, you can check out an alternative to the snow.

Wisconsin has a number of winter sports that can provide some of that outdoor activity.

For instance, the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest Winter Sports Association (GUMSA) provides ski-bike training for the entire region, and you can also enjoy winter walks on snowshoes in the snow or snowshoe-sledding in the spring.

The Winter Sports Department at the state fairgrounds also offers a variety of events, including snowshoers, snowmobiling, sledding, sled races, and other fun winter sports.

There are also several winter ski resorts that are located in the upper Midwest.

The best of the resorts are located on Lake Michigan, where there are many trails, lakes and parks to explore in winter.3.

The state is rich in historyThe state of Wisconsin is known as the “Wild West,” and the people who lived here are known for their violence.

Wisconsin is also the home of the state capitol and the nation’s oldest and largest prison.

But what sets Wisconsin apart is its rich history.

Here’s a few highlights of the history of the place.

The first state to use firearms was the Badgers, in 1842.

In the 1870s, the Badger State was formed, and in the 1880s, Wisconsin became a state that would be known as Wisconsin, with its capital at Madison.

In 1887, the first state law was passed, and on May 4, 1894, the United States entered World War I. And while World War II was a bloody conflict that lasted more than two decades, the state of Minnesota was not involved in it.

The Badgers won their first national championship in 1932.

The first woman to graduate from Wisconsin’s school of law was Jane Addams in 1929.

In 1951, the country’s first black president was James Baldwin, and Wisconsin was a state of racial equality for over 60 years.

The state was named after a legendary Wisconsin governor who is often credited with the creation of the Great Falls Dam.

The Dam was built on the banks of Lake Huron, and its original name was Lake Erie.

In addition, there are several historical buildings, like the former headquarters of the University of Wisconsin and the U-M.

This is one place you can definitely check up on history.4.

It also has a strong art and historyThe Badgers have a history of artistic and creative pursuits.

Wisconsin was the home to the first public art school, founded by a woman named Mary Addams, and she is credited with opening the first art museum in the United State.

In 1909, the city of Milwaukee became the first city in the world to build an entire building out of timber.

And the city has been a center for the arts ever since. In 1940


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