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A Florida-based research company is trying to find out what attracted a group of males to a female that were apparently looking for something more than just sex.

The firm, which is based in Florida, has found that the males were attracted to a woman they found attractive in a local shopping mall.

It says the attraction to the woman was not just sexual.

The researchers have been trying to understand why this attracted them to the female.

The company has a number of studies to support their theory, including one in which they tested female and male participants in different environments, and found that a group who were attracted by a female were more likely to perform better on an IQ test than those who were not.

The research is part of a larger trend that is helping scientists understand why men and women sometimes behave in ways that appear to defy their natural inclination to seek sex.

“We are finding that people are attracted to certain people,” said researcher Peter Dutton, of the University of Florida.

“They can be attracted to attractive women and to males.

And if they are attracted, they are more likely than non-attracted people to do certain things.

This can have important implications for people who are trying to help people who suffer from social anxiety disorder or for people with a personality disorder.”

The study is not the first to find that people can be drawn to a person by the way they look.

In 2014, researchers from the University at Buffalo found that people were more attracted to men who had facial features similar to that of the women they were interested in.

Dutton, who is based at the University’s College of Business, said that he and his colleagues were not surprised to find this pattern.

“You might think that it would be obvious that men and other people are looking for women who have certain characteristics that are similar to women.

But if you take a closer look at how attractive women are, and how attractive males are, you find that they are also attracted to those women who are similar in looks,” he said.”

When we’re looking for people to mate with, we’re not looking for a perfect match.

We’re looking to find someone that has that same physical characteristics as us, and who has that type of personality that we think would be good for the mating relationship.

So we are attracted by people that look like us.”

In the study, Dutton and his team asked 10 men and 10 women to take a personality test that was part of the American Personality Inventory.

The men and the women were told that the test would assess their own traits.

Each subject then rated each person on an array of traits, including how well they understood the social cues they would receive, their willingness to make small talk and whether they could handle social criticism.

Each personality test was completed between October and December.

Participants were asked to rate the participants on the five traits and then rate the other participants on those same traits, and the results were used to rank the participants based on their likelihood of mating with the woman.

The team found that while some men were attracted more to the women who had features of a more masculine woman, others were attracted less to women with features of more feminine women.

Men who were more sexually attracted to women who were similar in appearance to them also rated themselves as more sexually attractive, while those men who were less sexually attracted rated themselves less sexually attractive.

In general, the men who scored lower on the traits that attracted them rated themselves more sexually appealing.

In addition, men who rated themselves to be less sexually appealing rated themselves higher in their likelihood to be sexually attracted.

But what drew the men to the more masculine women, Ducker said, was the fact that their faces were more feminine.

They also rated the woman’s appearance more attractive.

That made sense, he said, as females tend to have higher levels of estrogen in their bodies.

“So, if the men are attracted more by attractive women who look like them, they’re also more attracted by those women,” he added.

“And so they are actually more attracted than people who don’t find those women attractive.”

While this study is just one of several recent work to look at this topic, Dutts findings are notable because they were conducted by a team of researchers at a prestigious university.

“This research is the first that looks at the association between personality and attractiveness,” said Dutton.

“It’s not the only one, but it’s one of the first ones that has really looked at this.”

Dutton said that the study was done at a university in the United States, and so was subject to ethical approval from the university.

“I think it’s an excellent study, but I also think that people who think this is an obvious phenomenon have been misled by other studies,” he explained.

DuckDuckGo, a smartphone app that allows users to scan photos of women for their gender, has been accused of making women feel bad for rejecting


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