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VIRGINIA — The summer weather is heating up.

The summer heat has given way to a more mild, cool breeze.

It’s also giving way to an unusual combination of hot and cold.

It could be the difference between a trip to Virginia’s hottest tourist destination, Charlottesville, or the coldest.

For the next two weeks, the temperature at downtown hotels and the Dulles International Airport will be in the upper 80s, but it could dip into the lower 30s at some locations.

And, according to local weather reports, it’s not just Virginia that could experience the cool and windy weather: it could be anywhere.

While many of Virginia’s warmer climates are known for the sun, hot summers are also common in the continental United States.

It was a trend that began in the mid-20th century, when warmer climates led to cooler winters, according the National Weather Service.

In fact, the climate was even cooler in the winter of 2015-2016 in the northern United States, according a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) study published last month.

While Virginia’s summers are still not warm enough to warrant staying indoors, the state is one of the most likely to be hit by extreme weather.

That’s because many areas of Virginia, like the central and eastern parts of the state, are relatively flat, said Mike McVey, a meteorologist with the Virginia Office of Emergency Management.

In some cases, people will find that their house or car could be flooded or damaged during the summer, he said.

In a typical summer, the average temperature in Virginia is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thats just over average for Virginia, but the state averages a high of 94 degrees in September and a low of 70 degrees in October.

In Virginia, that means the average summer temperature in 2018 was 72.4 degrees, the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) said.

In the mid 1990s, the statewide average was 75.8 degrees, but then in the early 2000s, Virginia averaged 74.5 degrees, according NCEI.

The average temperature can also be affected by other factors.

For instance, Virginia is one the hottest places in the country for the time of year.

Summer heat waves and thunderstorms can also affect the average surface temperature, according NOAA.

On the other hand, warmer temperatures also mean the summer months can be warmer, which can mean more days with a lot of sunshine, McVay said.

“It’s not as extreme in winter,” he said, “but it can be a different feeling than summer.”

The cold and wet summers could also impact how people view and experience Virginia.

For example, a lot can change in a year if you’ve been outside all year and your house is still damp.

“The wind can be kind of a nuisance,” McVee said.

McVie added that there are some spots in Virginia that are better off in warmer weather, like southern Virginia and Virginia Beach.

For some, summer can also lead to more work.

Some are looking to get out of their homes and get out into the field during the hot summer months, or to spend some time outdoors during the cooler months.

“If you have a few months in the summer,” Mcvey said, you can usually find a job.

McVey said that during the warmer months, a summer job is often the best bet.

“We’re going to be able to see what we’re looking for,” he added.

Mc Vey said the cooler summers could mean less traffic.

“People can actually take a day off, especially when they have a car or two,” he explained.

“And then, if you go out and you get in the sun all the time, you have more days in the hot sun.”

McVee pointed out that the cooler temperatures also could be good for wildlife.

“A lot of the time we get reports that we see some animals that are more active in the cooler weather,” he noted.

“So, we’ll see more wildlife activity, like snakes.”

Mc Vee said that if you’re looking to move into a place that is warmer and less humid, look at locations like southern California.

Mc Vee also said that the warm weather can help people to get fit.

“I think it’s good for people to be physically active,” he emphasized.

Mcvey also pointed out the warmer temperatures will help to alleviate some of the heat-related stress.

“They can feel more energetic and more alert,” he remarked.

“Some people even think that’s good.”


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