Salt Lake City

The creepy mug shot of a man accused of making an obscene gesture while at a Vancouver restaurant has caught the attention and admiration of gnat lovers.

The mug shot was taken by James Scott, who has been charged with two counts of making a obscene gesture at a woman.

Scott was a visitor to Vancouver, Canada in April when the incident took place.

He was arrested by police shortly after.

According to police, the woman told officers that she was at a restaurant with her daughter and that Scott began to make obscene gestures while seated.

The woman said Scott asked her to leave the restaurant and then began to act aggressively toward her, according to police.

She told police that Scott was upset because he was not being treated fairly.

The photo of the woman who shared the photo with me, who had been at the same restaurant, says it all.

I am very proud of that mugshot.

It has caught a lot of attention, not only in Vancouver, but in Canada and around the world.

Gnats have a very special relationship with humans, and the gnat is no exception.

The furry critter is one of nature’s most powerful and intelligent predators.

The gnat also likes to eat the guts of other creatures.

According to the Animal Behavior Institute, the most common species of gnatch is the mole.

It eats both the ground and the surface of plants.

It’s a pretty common sight in our backyard garden, but what about when the gnats are out in the wild?

According to researchers, there is some truth to the belief that the gnaws of a large carnivore are a way for the gnate to mark its territory and mark territory for other creatures to eat.

In the photo below, the gnach looks at a nearby plant.

The photos of the man in the mugshot have gone viral.

He was arrested in late April and released after posting $150 bail.

Scott has been booked into the Vancouver Police Department and will be arraigned on the charges in the coming days.

He will face up to 10 years in prison.


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