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Jerusalem, Aug. 30 (PIC): In an article entitled “It’s a mistake for Israeli tourists and Jewish visitors to enter the Al-Aqqsa Mosque,” The Jerusalem Times (link in Hebrew) claims that “there is a widespread misconception among the public that this is not permitted and is forbidden by the Quran.

It is also an excuse for those who oppose Israel to condemn the state of Israel.”

The article then quotes a Jordanian man who told The Jerusalem Review that “the Muslim worshippers are not allowed to enter Al-Quds Mosque, and that the Jews must take the road to Mecca, a distance of nearly 200 miles.”

He also explained that it is forbidden to enter Jerusalem without a permit from the Jordanian government, but that there is no law prohibiting Jewish visitors.

The Jerusalem Times article also asserts that “Jews and Muslims will not be allowed to pray in the Temple Mount,” adding that “this will only occur after the Jewish community is totally cleansed.”

It adds that “Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock is sacred to both Muslims and Jews, and is the site of the Al Aqsa mosque.

The Dome of The Rock is also used as a mosque, and there is an official Jewish prayer room in it.

The Muslim visitors will be allowed only to enter through a small gate in the Dome of a Rock.”

This article comes amid the latest controversy surrounding the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Temple of Solomon, which will be the first to be dedicated to Jewish worship since it was built by Muslim visitors in Jerusalem in 1929.

In addition to the article in The Jerusalem Mail, The Jerusalem Observer also ran a story on Aug. 28 titled “Israeli tourists have ‘no right’ to enter Temple Mount” with the headline “Israeli tourist has no right to enter Jewish temple.”

The newspaper quotes a Jewish tourist who visited the site on Sept. 10, telling the newspaper, “I have never been to the Temple and I have never seen the Jewish people pray there.

If you go there, you will not see the Jews praying.

If I go there and I see them praying, I will never go back.”

The Jerusalem Post article also quotes a resident of the Old City who said, “It would be a great shame if all of the Jews and Muslims did not have access to the Jewish Quarter.”


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