Salt Lake City

Updated September 14, 2018 10:18:49In the first video, an unidentified woman can be seen falling from the platform of the Red Arrow station in Tampa Bay.

The video shows the woman, who is wearing a face mask and a black jacket, screaming as the train pulls up to the station.

The woman falls from the train, hitting her head on the concrete barrier, and then falls back down.

The train is then heard coming to a halt at the edge of the platform.

The train then stops and a man who appears to be the conductor is seen approaching the woman with his arms outstretched.

The woman can then be heard saying, “I was hit, I was hit.

I don’t know if it’s a train, I don,t know.”

The woman is then seen walking on the ground, bleeding from her head.

She can be heard screaming, “My name is Maria, and I’m a survivor.”

The train then comes to a stop, and the conductor can be also heard asking the woman if she’s OK.

The conductor can then also be heard asking her, “Is everything OK?”

The conductor can also be seen telling the woman that she can get up, then saying, “…if you’re all right, I’ll take care of it.”

The man then appears to grab the woman by the throat and toss her onto the platform and into the train.

The man then turns to his passenger and tells her, “”Maria, you can get off the train.””

Maria, if you don’t get off, we’re going to throw you off the bridge,” the conductor says in the video.

Another passenger, a woman named Julia, can be hear crying out in the background.”

I’m scared to death.””

I just want to go home.

I’m scared to death.”

In the second video, a female passenger can be overheard telling the conductor, “You can go ahead and let the train go.”

Another passenger also can be shown crying.

The video also shows the train coming to an abrupt stop at the railroad tracks.

The conductor tells the woman to “get off the tracks” and to get back on the platform as he then walks over to the woman.





Julia can be faintly heard saying.

The second woman is seen walking toward the train and then a man appears to yell, “Maria, Maria, Maria!”

Maria responds, “What?”

The man is seen asking, “Why are you saying that?”

Maria responds that the conductor “wasn’t going to let us off, so we’re on our own.

He didn’t know that we were survivors.”

The conductor is then shown to ask Maria if she wants to sit on the tracks with him.

Maria responds “I don’t want to sit in the train because I’m not OK.”

Another woman is also seen crying on the train platform.

The audio then fades out.

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that the train’s conductor has been placed on administrative leave while the Tampa Police Department investigates.

The investigation is ongoing.


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