Salt Lake City

You may remember the famous “Mad World Haunted Attraction” from the 1970s.

But, you may not have known that the attraction has recently undergone a major renovation. 

The attraction was a major attraction at the Haunted House in Las Vegas, and featured a giant spider, a giant owl, and even a giant rat. 

In 2009, the attraction was shut down due to a virus outbreak.

Now, the attractions are reopening with the help of the new company called The Adventures of Ghostly Friends, which hopes to bring the attraction back for a second time. 

They’re calling it the “Ghostly Friends” attraction, because it will include ghosts, ghosts of ghosts, and a bunch of ghostly friends who are also ghosts of spirits. 

You can check out the official press release below. 

According to the press release, the new Ghostly friends will be “fantastic, terrifying, and hilarious”. 

According the press description, “the attraction will feature an immersive experience where you can explore a wide variety of different ghostly encounters with a number of guests including the classic ghostly friend, the ghost of a deceased person, a ghost from the past, and more.”

The website promises to bring an “unparalleled” “cinematic, immersive experience.”

You can learn more about the on their website.

You can also follow the adventure on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

I know that the Haunted World of Las Vegas was always something I would like to visit.

I was a kid when the Haunted Houses were a thing, so this seems like a good way to go for kids.

The GhostlyFriend website promises “an unforgettable Ghostly World of Horror” for children and adults. has a new Facebook page that you can follow for updates.


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