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In this article CNN Travel reporter Mike Pyle traveled to Kentucky’s largest city to capture the magic of the Colossal barrier.

The barrier is the world’s largest and most impressive structure and is located just outside the Kentucky State Capitol in Lexington.

Its size dwarfs any other building in the world and has been in use since at least 1820.

Its creation and maintenance began in 1869 as a way to keep the river from running over the barrier.

Since its completion in 1918, the barrier has stood as a symbol of Kentucky’s commitment to its natural heritage.

It is considered one of the most iconic tourist attractions in the country.

Visitors are encouraged to explore the Colosseum, where they can enjoy breathtaking views of the Kentucky River, and the Monument of Liberty, which was designed by French architect Georges-Auguste Renoir and erected in 1886 to honor the United States’ Supreme Court.

The Kentucky Tourism Development Corp. (KTDC) is the company responsible for designing and building the barrier, which is located in the middle of Kentucky State University’s campus, just outside Lexington.

The barrier is a natural structure, and its natural beauty has been recognized around the world, according to the KTDC.

The company maintains that it’s “a landmark, not just a building.”

The barrier has also been an inspiration to other people in the region.

It is a monument to Kentucky and the people who work there.

The Barrier has been featured in a number of popular movies, including “The Incredible Hulk,” “Thor,” “Guardians of the Galaxy,” and “Star Trek: Beyond.”

In addition, it has been part of the backdrop for “Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.”

The barrier has been used in a variety of ways by the Kentucky Tourism Department and its employees.

The department also operates a number other attractions, including the Colored Rocks Museum, which holds the most famous and impressive stone statues in the United State.

The statues of Kentucky and Confederate General Robert E. Lee have been on display in the museum for decades.

It’s not just Kentucky.

There are other major attractions in Kentucky that have been incorporated into the Coloring Rocks Museum.

For example, there is the Kentucky Monument to the Confederacy, located in East Liberty.

The monument stands on a hill overlooking the Kentucky and Mississippi Rivers.

There are also more than 10,000 miles of trails in Kentucky, and many are made of stone and have been built with limestone, sandstone, and other natural materials.

In addition to the Colossi, Kentucky is home to many other landmarks that are not considered historic monuments.

They include the Kentucky Museum of Natural History, the Kentucky History Museum, the Covington Art Museum, and St. Vincent’s Hospital.


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