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Cardiff has a reputation for being the best place in the UK to watch the sun rise and set, and for hosting one of the highest number of annuals of solar eclipses in the world.

But now the Welsh capital has also become the first city in the country to host an annual eclipse.

Solar eclipses are rare and very intense events, but it has been a while since the last one was seen in Wales, according to the Solar Society.

The last one took place in 2019 and the last time it was witnessed in Cardiff was in 1882.

This year’s eclipse was also the last to be seen on the Cardiff peninsula, the same place where the sun was eclipsed in 1863.

“The last time we had an eclipse in Wales was in 1863 and it was a very dramatic event,” said Solar Society head of science Dr Paul Todenhay.

Solar eclipse: the full story It was the first time since 1882 that an eclipse was witnessed across the country.

Dr Todehay said solar eclipshs were not normally seen on Cardiff’s peninsula because the land is so dry.

“The land here is so remote that it’s not that different from the rest of Wales, and so it’s quite a different landscape to the rest,” he said.

The last solar eclipse in Cardiff happened in 1863, when it was the second biggest in the British Isles.

However, the first solar eclipse took place on April 18, 1863, during which it was only visible in Wales.

That eclipse, which was recorded on film and broadcast by the BBC, has been the subject of much debate among experts since it was recorded.

In addition to the fact that Cardiff has only been in Wales for two decades, Dr Todhay said the eclipse also attracted some of the brightest stars in the sky in the area.

When the eclipse was visible, the sun would have been completely hidden from the sunspots on the horizon.

As the sun shone through the corona, the sunlight would have made the land appear to be surrounded by a giant shadow.

This shadow would have also allowed people to see light through the clouds and hills, and to observe the sun rising and setting from the same location.

During the eclipse, the sky darkened to a brilliant blue colour, but the moon remained in the same position.

It is believed that the sun glinted off the clouds, and the sky was so bright that it was visible from the mainland.

Although the eclipse will be seen from Cardiff on Saturday, people will be able to view it from anywhere in Wales by travelling to Cardiff Bay, which is also part of the Cardiff area.

“It’s a unique opportunity to be able see the eclipse in the centre of Cardiff,” Dr Todshay added.

For those who want to see it from a distance, Cardiff has more than 40 eclipse sites available, including one near the city’s railway station.

One of the largest in Wales is on the city centre, the North Wales Observatory.

If you are not sure where to go, Cardiff’s main shopping street is the St Mary’s Street Market, which features a large selection of outdoor goods.

Other places to go include the Welsh Lions Lions Park, the Welsh Museum of Natural History, the Cardiff Zoo and the Welsh National Gallery.


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