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By Brian Mihalychuk Posted November 20, 2016 07:10:03While a new trailer for “The Great Gatsby” is expected to be released this week, the new film has been criticized for not featuring any gay characters.

The trailer opens with a shot of two men sitting in a hotel room and a photo of a young man in a suit sitting in front of a picture of a dog.

The photo on the wall next to the photo of the dog shows a smiling young man and the caption “I’m just another gay actor.”

However, one actor, Mark Ruffalo, was asked in an interview on “The View” if he would be open to playing gay character in the movie.

Ruffalo, who was also asked if he was open to the role, said:I don’t know about gay people, I don’t like to see people who are not part of the gay community portrayed in the media.

I don, but I guess it’s a possibility.

I think that’s what I would be looking at.

I don, and it’s something that I’m open to.

We should not have to pretend to be perfect when we can be just as flawed as the people who portray us.

We have a moral responsibility to make our films.

I would like to do the same for other people.

That’s what the gay film industry is all about.

We have to get over it and make films that reflect the reality of who we are and what we do.

Roughly one in five Americans identify as gay, according to the latest Gallup survey.

Gay rights activist Tom Arnold told “The Today Show” on Sunday that the new trailer, if it were released, would be “an attack on the freedom of expression in America.”

The trailer will be released on Friday and the film is set to open in theaters this month.


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