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Ghostly attractions that “seem to make [the] world go round” are coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as the park is getting ready to unveil a new attraction that is “literally the world around” the park.

The attraction, which has not yet been announced, will be called Haunted Mansion and will be a combination of the original Mansion attraction from 1986 and a new one.

While the original “Haunted Mansion” was a bit of a departure from Disney’s traditional approach, the new attraction will be more faithful to the original, which was an attraction created by the company’s own development team, Disney Imagineers.

“There’s a very clear connection to the old, and a lot of things have been changed in terms of the design and layout of the new attractions, so we wanted to create a very original experience,” Disney Imagineer Rob Baumgartner told ABC News.

He said the new version will also have a “much greater focus on the family and guests” in addition to a “greatly expanded number of different rooms.”

The new attraction has not been revealed yet, but a source told that it will have a different feel to the “classic” version of the attraction, and will feature a more interactive experience, as well as a new feature called “The Ghost.”

“The Haunted Mansion is truly the world round,” said Baumgardner.

It will be open to the public from Nov. 1 through Feb. 15, 2018.

There are two new attractions coming to the park in 2018: The first, the “Frozen Story” attraction, will have Elsa from the movie “Frodo and the Snowman” as the protagonist, and it will be an attraction with “frozen-themed” decorations, as seen in the “Let It Go” video from “Frostbite.”

The second attraction is a new version of a familiar attraction: The Frozen Experience, which will be similar to the attraction in “Fantasmic!” but it will include new attractions such as a “Festival of Snow” themed attraction and a Frozen Land experience.

The new “Fantasyland” attraction will feature an indoor “Snowworld” and a “frosted forest” that will be surrounded by “the frozen, icy and windy environment of Fantasyland.”


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