Salt Lake City

Orlando, Fla.

(AP) Disneyland and Disney Parks and Resorts are launching two new attractions to lure more families to its theme parks and theme-park resorts in 2017.

The company says they will open in Orlando, the Orlando area and California in 2017 and 2018.

It says they’re the first to open in the Orlando-area and California, the largest and most populous markets.

A new attraction will be a 360-degree attraction, which allows guests to explore different parks in the same day.

Disney says the attraction is inspired by Disney’s theme parks of the past, including Disneyland, Epcot and Disney California Adventure.

It will include interactive exhibits that showcase Disney theme park characters, rides, rides and entertainment.

The new attraction also will feature an immersive 360-degrees attraction experience, with a 3D camera-projected experience that allows guests a chance to explore the park through 3D video cameras, along with 360-viewable 3D graphics and an immersive 3D experience that can be viewed by anyone.

The attraction will debut at both Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park and Walt Disney World Resort.

The new attractions are expected to be unveiled at the Disneyland and Universal Orlando theme parks in Florida, the Florida Bay Area and in California.

Here’s a look at the new Disney theme parks. 

Disney Springs, Calif.

Walt Disney World’s MagicBand ride is the largest attraction in Walt Disney Park.

It features a giant stage, giant water slide and an interactive water ride.

It opened in 2017 to much fanfare and is expected to continue to attract guests.

The park also is home to several new rides.

The newest attraction is the Wave Motion Wheel, a 360 degree water ride that will open for guests to ride on December 5.

Universal Orlando’s Space Mountain ride opened in 2016 and features a new 360-level water ride called the Vortex Ride.

The ride will be open for visitors on December 7, and is slated to open to the public on January 6.

SeaWorld San Diego, Calif.-based SeaWorld Parks and Adventures has plans to open a new SeaWorld Resort in 2019 and 2018 in the San Diego-area.

The new SeaTac resort is scheduled to open for use in 2019.


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